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The following site usage policy and terms can help you with any queries you may have regarding how we use information with us. Feel free to contact us with any queries using the contact form here.

What is Alpha version?

We're launching our services in stages in the coming weeks. We also want to get some feelers from our users on how we are doing while the site is new. Please do contact us if you have any feedback.

What's happening now

This is an alpha version of jobs vista,we've continuously updating our site in this week,we hope you will get unique novel experience by while using jobs vista

What it "About"

Jobsvista is the only complete career management , employment and resource service available on the internet today,Read more About Us

Pen a Mail

By using our alpha version you may face some errors while using the site. if you do,please pen a mail to us , and we'll take it on priority.

What if I experience a problem?

We're truly sorry for this. We're currently running an alpha version of the site.Our support team should be able to help you with your queries.

Some feature and links are not working

We apologise for the inconvenience,we are updating our site in stages and we should be completely up very soon. Please use Our contact form to report any issues.